...Spacious Minds' philosophy

So very often its the clutter in our minds that keeps us from thinking freely, in an expansive, creative and spontaneous way. We are all able to be creative in our thinking - whether its about our personal lives, or our professional lives or business. But very often, our ability to truly access our innate creativity is blocked by mental clutter. Spacious Minds' facilitates a space for you, away from the clutter, where real creativity and inspired thinking can happen.

Founding Spacious Minds was how Judith Matthis created spaciousness to facilitate change for herself and her clients.

...About Judith Matthis

Judith Matthis
Judith is a Martha Beck trained personal coach and freelance consultant. She is continually dreaming up new ideas and approaches to working with people in this world. Using awe and inspiration to bring about change is what gets Judith going. "I love being able to share this philosophy with my clients, and witnessing real changes happening."

Judith draws from her diverse professional experience which includes:

- supporting communities: whilst working for an international NGO; as well as managing and developing strategies for corporate social investment programmes;
- helping management teams develop effective solutions: with over 6 years of management consulting experience;
- developing people's strengths and effectiveness: developing and facilitating business related training as well as personal development courses

This has culminated in her desire to facilitate change for people - through life coaching, career coaching, group coaching and training

"I know that we all have the power to harness our lives in a way that is uniquely magnificent for us. Key to this is having space to observe and understand our thoughts … and then to transform them so that we are liberated from our internal restrictions. My coaching style is to provide the spaciousness for this to happen."

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