Personal Coaching

Inspired, authentic, joyful.... is this how you would like to describe your life?

Are you ready for change; to create your unique way of living that is inspired, joyful and authentic?

Spacious Minds can facilitate this for you by helping you to recognise, understand, and step away from these restrictive thought patterns, you will begin your journey into your life in harmony with your authentic self.

Using Martha Beck's approach, thought work, and an experiential process unique to each person, we facilitate the change you would like to see in your life. Embracing our authenticity requires raw courage. But, if inspired, joyful and authentic living is what you really want, Spacious Minds is for you.

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Face to face, e-mail and skype supported coaching.

NEW: Space To Be Me programme
A light, convenient introduction to coaching
A uniquely designed programme to begin your personal journey in your own space and time

Group Coaching

Using a fun creative combination of storytelling and coaching, Spacious Minds offers insightful and playful courses.
Story telling is a powerful and fun way of unpacking our limiting thoughts in a creative group environment.
Spacious Minds offers group programmes for individuals as well as corporate teams wanting space to facilitate change.

NOW RUNNING: Selfie Love Story
a fun and creative blending of storytelling and coaching. Contact for more info

Corporate Programmes

Spacious Minds offers a creative combination of coaching and consulting to companies looking to create positive change, particularly for diverse teams.

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