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"We all know and appreciate the benefits of having someone that you could talk to. Multiply those benefits when that someone also really listens to you without judgement and if she has the knowledge to give proper advice on how to tackle issues, develop yourself and to progress in whatever area of your life you were stuck in. This is what Judith’s coaching is doing for me. She listens and then advises by giving tools to use whenever needed. It was amazing for me to find out about the stuff: issues, emotions, past experiences that became my truth. Just by looking at these hindrances from different angles and with the tools Judith has given me, I have been able to move on, feel much more content and brave. Judith’s coaching is like a gift to discover yourself and be the best and happiest you.”

- E. Calitz

“My sessions with Judith have been insightful and littered with surprises. Judith is sensitive in her approach, listens attentively and has a deep understanding of her subject matter. I have found her input to be constructive and her contributions valuable. She has facilitated several gut-punching “aha” moments for me.”

- A. Schneider

“Judith's gentle, caring nature and ability to focus in on key life issues was life changing for me. Her ability to move me from my "stuckness' and face the real issues holding me back was profound and has had an influence on my way of being since then. I highly recommend her life coaching!”

- N. Lutz. SheNANg Sports, Remedial, Relaxation Massage Therapy and Mindfulness Training

"After working closely with Judith for five years I have no hesitation in recommending her ability to contribute substantially to a wide variety of working environments. She is a strong team player with a lot of initiative and analytical ability. She is able to balance a focus on the task and it's outcomes with maintaining good interpersonal relationships. She regularly took on the role of mentor, providing support very effectively to less experienced team members. She has excellent project management and coordination skills."

- K. Tyacke. Principal Consultant, KPMG.

“Judith is a highly warm and engaging facilitator and coach. Insightful, she creates a safe space for learning, sharing and creative exploration.”

- C. Turner. Industrial Psychologist.

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