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“A master in the Art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work; his play; his labour; his leisure; his mind and his body; his education & his recreation….”


Spacious Minds Career Coaching: creating your uniquely satisfying career


Career Coaching helps you if:

*you are feeling stuck and unsatisfied in your job

*you are at a crossroads in your career, but unsure which path to take

*you are struggling to adapt to a new role or a new work environment

*you want to return to the working world but finding it tough to do so

*you are a new working mom 

*you are feeling unrecognised at work; are looking for a promotion or would like to earn more

*you need help preparing for a job interview

*you want your CV to align to your career aspirations.

Founded on Martha Beck’s philosophy that we all have the power to harness our lives in a way that is uniquely magnificent for us, Spacious Minds offers you a career coaching space for reflection and understanding so that you can grow your career aspirations.

Career Coaching helps you to:

*clarify what it is that energises and inspires you

*figure out what you want out of your role and your career, and how to use your strengths and values to do so

*understand what is holding you back from taking steps forward so that you can make the changes you would really like

*master difficult conversations – such as salary or role negotiations

*draw on renewed self-awareness to understand why you find certain people and situations challenging, and

*develop personal tools to effectively deal with situations that you find difficult at work

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