Spacious Minds offers you:

Career Coaching

Career development coaching helps you to change, grow, enhance, or reframe your career in a way that is uniquely fulfilling for you.  It involves raising your self-awareness to clarify and move towards your unique personal goals. Drawing on a variety of coaching techniques facilitates the change process for you.

As part of career coaching, the following services are also offered:

  • Interview Preparation 
  • Salary/Role Negotiation 
  • CV Alignment  

Wellness at Work

In recognition that as individuals, we affect and are affected by our  broader ecosystem, we also offer wellness packages for small and medium sized businesses. 

We have seen how the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in mental health issues such as stress and anxiety, work/ life balance challenges as well as physical health challenges. The fallout has been more absenteeism, a decrease in performance and a drop off in productivity levels.  It is believed that we are only now experiencing the real mental and physical
health fallout from the ongoing Pandemic.

Research shows that workers perform better when they are healthier and feel that their
employer cares about them. It has been proved that wellness and health coaching
undoubtedly leads to healthier, more effective and happier employees

Wellness Coaching addresses these issues. Our approach combines performance enhancement with improved resilience , well-being and supporting sustainable long- term performance and productivity.  Wellness at Work is uniquely designed to meet your company’s needs, and programmes may include:

* individual and team coaching

* wellness webinars or podcasts 

*team debrief sessions 

*management and leadership support 

*other wellness interventions when required (such as financial guidance; nutritional advice; trauma counselling)

Frequently Asked Questions

Career coaching is a process facilitated by a coach, that helps you to change, grow, enhance, or reframe your career in a way that is uniquely fulfilling for you. 

According to the SA College of Applied Psychology “a coach is a thinking partner that accelerates learning and development. The coach provides a space for reflection, asks questions to promote insight, and collaborates with the coachee to design actions to achieve their goals (and holds them accountable for the changes they want to create).”

Whilst there are significant overlaps, generally, coaching focusses more on your present situation and how to create and achieve future goals.  Whereas therapy helps you to resolve past experiences that are currently impacting on your well being.

The two disciplines are not mutually exclusive, and can be very complementary. 

Each person’s coaching needs are unique, and Spacious Minds’ coaching philosophy is to meet you where you are at, so we don’t offer package deals.  That said, coaching is generally short term, and the average number of sessions per client is 5. 

Everyone can benefit from a time and space where someone is advocating for you by actively listening, and helping you forge your unique path.  

Coaching does require a level of personal responsibility and commitment to the process.  A coach is not an advisor – the coaching process facilitates your own conscious decision making process. 

Experience has proven that once every two weeks is optimal.  However, everyone has unique needs and preferences and if meeting more or less frequently suits you better, that is also an option. 

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